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Our environment

Core Print has implemented the following environmental management policy:

Paper All our house stocks are from sustainably managed forest. We recommend recycled or accredited paper wherever possible.

Proofing Before running a hard-copy proof, we offer our customers the alternative of an electronic PDF.

Plates We run only CTP (computer to plate) – no film. Our processor will be replaced with a non chemical processor as soon as these become commercially available. Ongoing developments in CTP technology allow us to continually reduce the use of harmful chemicals, with our ultimate aim being to have these completely removed from the process.

Inks The choice of ink is a key environmental consideration, and as such we only use inks developed from vegetable or soy bases.

Coatings Where appropriate we advise water-based varnishes rather than UV or lamination with plastics.

Print Chemicals Our practice is to use low VOC (Volatile Organic Containment) emitting solvents and isopropyl alcohol-free dampening solutions in the print and clean-up process, thus reducing harmful emissions.

Paper Recycling All paper, cardboard and plastics are sorted and collected twice weekly for recycling by SKM Recycling.

Chemicals Chemial residues are collected by specialist recyclers, CMA EcoCycle.

Couriers Rather than hiring individual couriers for each run (and therefore having couriers running in all directions around Melbourne!) we streamline all deliveries to run through two daily deliveries by our own driver.

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