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Finishing Team

Adam, Lyn, Mary-Jean and Sue make up the finishing team at Core Print – so jobs like guillotining, folding, cutting, packing and dispatch.

Adam loves a chat – and as he's the guillotine operator we don't try to stop him (not that we could!). With over 20 years industry experience, Adam's good at getting things done.

Lyn's a little lady, but there's nothing small about her presence! If you hear someone singing at Core Print, that's Lyn. Hopefully she's also binding, collating and packing as she goes...

Mary-Jean is the perfect complement to Lyn – she gets things done too, but a little more quietly! A gentle lady and hard worker, she never leaves Core Print for the day without a quiet "good night, thank-you" to the team.

Sue is a real all-rounder, with experience in the office, at the guillotine, packing, laminating, driving a forklift, dispatching – you name it. Sue's a great team member: always keen to try new things, is willing to give anything a go… and you'll never die wondering what she thinks!

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Finishing Team