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International Design School

International Design School is one of Australia’s newest and most exciting creative design, digital media, professional photography, and creative advertising institutes.

Helping creating a future for tomorrow’s printers...

IDS are more than just happy clients. “Core Print provides our students with an opportunity to undertake work experience in design, print and pre-press areas” explains Andy McQuestion, Industry Liaison and Career Development Coordinator from IDS. “Rob has a real interest in the future of the industry – not just his own future - and that of young people. From our educational perspective Core Print are amongst the most supportive of about 15 of the industry contacts we have.”

Core Print takes IDS students for 3 – 4 week placements in whatever area they are targeting in their studies. Rob Maloney, MD at Core Print says “We try to give them a good understanding of the industry from a variety of perspectives, in the hope that this holistic understanding will enable them to work more effectively in their chosen area of specialisation.”

“It’s also been a great learning curve for us” explains Rob. “Students often ask really good questions that may challenge the traditional way of doing things, and this new perspective can sometimes help us stop and think about a more effective or efficient approach.”

It’s been a fairy-tale ending for one work experience student who has been taken on full-time in pre-press by Core Print. Well done, Carlos!

International Design School