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National Stroke Foundation

NSF is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the public, government, health professionals, patients, carers and stroke survivors to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community.

The Impossible Deadline!

NSF Publications Manager, Emma Fogarty, had worked with Core Print’s Rob Maloney over a number of years through different stages of her career, so when presented with an important report that was being launched interstate – and, and things go, being given an impossible deadline to meet – she gave Rob a call.

Core Print Group worked over the weekend to get the job done. “We not only met the deadline but had a slick, professional publication which looked fantastic – so we got a lot of really positive feedback, too”, said Emma. “From my extensive experience of working with printers, if it had been another printer we just wouldn’t have met our deadline.”

Emma feels that the benefits of using Core Print are not only the quality of work, competitive pricing and turnaround time, but most importantly the level of service and friendly attitude that comes with it. Coming from the not-for-profit sector, Emma also recognises the socially conscious nature of Core Print as evidenced by their charitable work and fundraising support.

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