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The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

The RACGP is the professional organisation that focuses on the safety and quality of general practice. The college has over 19,000 members.

The college assesses doctors’ skills and knowledge, supplies ongoing professional development activities, develops resources and guidelines, helps general practitioners with issues that affect their practice, and develops standards that general practices use as part of the accreditation processes.

The joy of a good print management system...

Prior to working with Core Print, the RACGP had an incumbent print management group in place. However, things were not what they should have been: poor service, multiple errors in outgoing orders, the online system too slow...  rather than helping the administrators focus on core business, it deteriorated to a point where they could no longer rely on accurate stock levels being reported.

Enter Core Print. From scratch, an audit was conducted to ensure accurate stock reports.  “A system was developed with our input” explains Sharon Benson, Production Manager - Publications, from the RACGP. “This way we could ensure that details were in place that would help us run it accurately – such as being able to name stock in a way that made sense to us.”

“We now have a great system. All picking and packing is managed quickly, and as a result we no longer have angry GPs ringing to chase incomplete, incorrect or late orders. Errors are now rare – and dealt with quickly. Phones are just not ringing hot like they were”.

Core Print now undertakes printing, print management, mailouts, warehousing and pick ‘n’ pack for the RACGP. Sharon estimates that switching to Core Print has probably saved staff up to 2 hours per day; however she says “It’s Core Print’s service that really impresses me – it makes a huge difference to the time I spend organising print jobs and overseeing the College’s orders. It’s a more efficient system, their pricing is very competitive – and they’re always fantastic to work with.”

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